How We Are

" Aryatama was officially established in May 2006 Initially, Aryatama focuses on custom base development services, so that overall products and services are made according to customer demand. Along with its development, Aryatama adds its service line by producing Retail product. In short, Retail product is a product of software that is packaged as ready-made product / finished product for mass sale. The addition of this product line is taken with the consideration that there have been repeat orders for several types of products that generally have the same specifications. Some of these products then decided to be made and packaged in particular, make branding and will be marketed to the entire territory of Indonesia. "


Tujuan kami adalah menerjemahkan bisnis anda ke world wide web atau internet, ada 5 hal yang kami perhatikan yaitu :
Functionality, Image, Budget, scability, Cutting Edge Technology
Hal hal tersebut akan menjadi acuan bagi kami untuk meramu bisnis anda di internet secara sistematik melalui tahapan yang realistik dan terukur. kami pastikan anda mendapatkan yang terbaik baik dari sisi harga, arsitektur informasi, grafis yang sesuai dengan bisnis dan konsumen anda maupun teknologi.


Aryatama berpengalaman untuk merancang solusi inovatif berbasis mobile. solusi mobile development kami meliputi perancangan, pengembangan aplikasi baru, kastemisasi aplikasi, pemeliharaan aplikasi, dan rekayasa ulang aplikasi. layanan kami meliputi :
- Aplikasi berbasis android
- SMS gateway via GSM/CDMA
- SMS gateway via GSM/CDMA Modem
- modem SMS gateway via operator telekomunikasi
- UMB Application (USSD)
- Integrasi sistem dengan SMS.


Aryatama berpengalaman dalam merancang dan mengembangkan aplikasi perangkat lunak yang inovatif. Solusi Aryatama mencakup pengembangan aplikasi baru, kastemisasi aplikasi, integrasi aplikasi, pemeliharaan aplikasi, dan rekayasa ulang aplikasi. .
Beberapa hal yang kami perhatikan dalam software Development ini adalah :
Easy of use lifetime warranty, Scalability, Complete solution, Attractive User Interface, Independent Documentation and User Manual.

What We Do

"A direct aid of aesthetic includes advisory, support and method toward the expected achievements. You build a business, and make the decision to digitize and computerize the system thoroughly, including information systems and data circulation, sales management, accounting, online development, security, interconnection between branch companies in various places, but your company does not have the capability for it? Aryatama will build the required integrated system, exactly as desired."






ARYATAMA Designed and developed a functional application according to Our Client Need
Digital Design, Mobile App, Platform Development Integrated System, Research, UI/Design, UX/Development
Our Service

Mobile Apps

Pengembangan aplikasi mobile yang dapat digunakan multiplatform berbasiskan IOS dan Android

Web Design

Pengembangan website yang memiliki fitur responsive desain, dan memiliki design yang menarik

Integration System

Sistem yang terintegrasi untuk berbagai kepentingan seperti E- business, e office, dan system enterprise


Pengembangan games multiplatform berbasiskan Mobile, desktop, VR

Graphic Design and Multimedia

Perancangan UI/UX desain dari pengembamangan produk berbasiskan website, desktop ataupun mobile apps

Unlimited Support

Dukungan teknis yang diberikan terhadap sistem pasca pengembangan

Our Office
Technocamp, JL Joyo Tambaksari No 32 Malang, Po Box : 65144

creative minds

Aryatama is initiated by a team that committed to delivering the best creative and technological solutions to every customer. Company management consists of personal with experience base in the field of information technology and entrepreneurship with solidity and strong commitment. We develop a professional work culture in the company environment, with service and in the process of product creation / development. We do a selection of team work and select those who are capable in their field to do every process carefully.

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About Us

"Aryatama is an Expert web development company based in Malang, Indonesian that provides website design, custom web application development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web Hosting services using our wide industry experience, excellent technical skill and creative ideas."


Jalan Joyotambaksari 32 Kelurahan Merjosari Kecamatan Lowokwaru Kota Malang
+62 821 3227 8587